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Quick Details

Starting Price
Small Group Private Tour Up to 7 People
1-2 People
Per additional head price
Large Group Private Tour 8-14 People (include two private guides)
8 People
Per additional head price

Explore A True Off-the-beaten Path With Jungle Waterfalls Hike In Hawaii

(Moderately Strenuous w/some Technical Aspects/Experienced Hikers or Active & Fit Types Only, Including Kids).

Initially hike through bamboo thickets to a dirt trail that weaves in and out of a rocky/boulder stream, like switchbacks (involves lava rock hopping throughout) to an upper two tier waterfall and pool for swimming. Rappelling the waterfall is optional, but only for clients experienced in this or rock climbing, and will be assessed on a case by case basis (dependent on weather conditions and waterfall flow/this skillset is not needed to experience all other activities on hike). The stream flow can be higher or lower depending on season and amount of rainfall occurring in higher elevations.

Along the way, we’ll point out old native ruins, native species, such as Awapuhi ginger (seasonal) for conditioning the skin and hair right there! And Banyan trees, originally from India, with aerial roots that leave us in awe of nature. After feeling refreshed from our first swim, we’ll return to the original point of entry and begin our decent to the next phase of this journey.

The 2nd phase involves hiking through giant basalt formations, while descending down to a 270 ft several tier lower waterfall to explore and swim in the freshwater pools. The first tier has a natural waterfall slide that gushes into the pool, which is great for kids. Or if you prefer jumping into the pool, go for it!

We’ll then hike further down the rocky stream to an incredible banyan tree with giant routes for climbing down to a larger more secluded, 2nd tier waterfall and pool, with the option of climbing into the fall. Epic! From here, we stand above an even larger and steep 3rd tier waterfall, for viewing, that gushes toward the ocean.