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a man standing on a beach posing for the camera

Aloha! This is Demian Deas, the owner. I’m originally from Charleston, SC, raised in Manhattan, NY and mostly California. I’ve lived in Maui for 12 years, but have been exploring the Hawaiian Islands since the early 90’s, due to my father having lived in Lanai and the Big Island since 1989. I grew up doing ocean sports in Cali and Hawaii, was an avid lap and open water swimmer for 13 years, have extensive experience hiking in Hawaii’s beautiful forests, jungles, and rocky coastlines! And have been exploring internationally since the mid 90’s.

Currently, I am triple Certified from Maui Mauka – Nature Based Tourism, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified from the American Heart Association; with a Motor Carrier Permit from the Public Utilities Commission, and a Department of Land and Natural Resources Permit for exploring that much more! So, you’re in great hands for an informative and exciting day!

Keolamau (the tour guide) is standing on a rock next to a body of water

Keolamau (AKA Keola) was raised on Maui, and stems from a rich cultural heritage of Okinawan, Hawaiian, and Portuguese descent. His lineage is a cultural tour unto itself, and we are all ears. A father of two boys, Keola has an extensive background in culture, education, adventure on Maui, and First Aid/CPR/AED Certified. He may even sing a Hawaiian hymn or song on your tour… If you’re lucky!

Zak (the tour guide) is standing next to a tree

Zak has lived in Maui since 2011, having been a private guide since 2015. He is First Aid/CPR Certified, has extensive experience navigating most of our narrow windy roads, guiding clients through nature trails, while educating clients on Hawaiian history, flora and fauna. What separates Zak from most guides, is his in depth exploration of this island barefoot! Where hasn’t he explored, honoring the native way historically. We’ve come to the conclusion, he’s a walking Wikipedia with tough feet!